During the long vacation, read the book "The Buried: An Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution", and wrote some Scala code using cats effect IO. Very happy about both of the things.

Just after I migrate all my read books to Good Reads, it decided to close the API. Sigh...

Bought a new 8TB hard drive for backup. With ZFS, it's so easy to do backups: it can do the snapshot, compression, increment send/recv, encryption and so on.


最近需要用 QQ,研究了一大圈,发现 Linux 下最好的方案还是 Windows 虚拟机 + TIM。现在真的不太能忍的了 QQ 这种臃肿的软件

Watched some TV shows and read some reviews about them. Some people cannot even recognize the characters' thoughts/view is not the director's thoughts/view. How pathetic it is.

Spent the whole morning to move from Douban Book to Goodreads. The deprecation of Douban API finally made me to do the decision. There are also some other reasons: the lack of English book reviews and missing book because of political reasons. Will write a Jekyll plugin fetch books to my blog.

Finished the book Digital Minimalism. Good book overall. I love the first and last chapter most: the first chapter introduces the hacking of big Silicon Valley companies to let people use the products more. The last one introduces the attention economical. I think the author should focus more on the scientific facts and researches like this instead of individual stories. Especially some people's life style that I cannot totally agree.

Got another Yubikey today as a backup. Physical key is really a great idea. Too bad some software still don’t support that. Especially matrix/element.



I don’t get why the idea of universal income is so popular. The poor people need opportunities of job and education, not a low income. Universal income reduces motivation for poor people and increases tax for middle class. It’s not good for anyone except politicians.

最近发现了李子词:blog.sina.com.cn/beijinglizi 。写的真是不错。而且发现其中一首之前就看到过,再看一遍更有感触:



Amazon 最近禁止在可以收发内部邮件的手机上安装 Tiktok,在华人员工中引起了很大的反响和反弹。很多人认为这是对中国企业的区别对待。当一个国家没有像样的科技企业走出国门,华为、Tiktok 这种满身污点的企业和应用成为了中国科技的代表,真的是中国人的悲哀。

And this is the first time I try to replace a disk in zfs raid. Very easy. Just remove the old disk, insert the new disk, run a command and wait zfs to resilver the new disk. File system is online all the time.

Don't ever buy disk using SMR. It's so slow that hangs my system very often. Most 2TB HDDs are using SMR nowadays, so be aware of it. Luckily Amazon refund my disk.



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